About the company

We specialize in all types of security seals, as well as other innovative products for property protection. Andpol company offers securities intended for various applications. Container seals, plastic seals, plastic-metal seals, sealed wallets, safe envelopes and all other products available in our offer are robust and proven solutions, which have the proper certificate, and meet European standards. Many items from the company's offer are characterized by innovative construction which enables you to protect your property better and more easily than ever before. Download catalogue.

PH-U "ANDPOL" s.c.

Trade & Sales Office

ul. Falista 4A lokal 7N

61-249 Poznań


tel.: 61 872 90 44

fax: 61 875 52 52

mobile: 501 107 811

e-mail: andpol@andpol.poznan.pl

Skype: andpol1